At the River’s Edge

Ada, a small town at the mouth of the Volta River in Ghana is where I often go to completely (and I mean completely) unwind. There’s hardly any cellphone coverage, there are almost no restaurants or bars, just the river that flows down to the sea, blue skies and the occasional hawk circling overhead, looking for a snack. For me, it’s the perfect reminder of how little we actually need – some firewood, a pocketful of change to buy fresh fish and a bottle of wine (which we tie on a string and dunk in the river to keep cool). I’ve been coming here since I was a kid, which is quite a long time, and I’m struck by how little it’s changed, which is both good and bad, I suppose, like most things. On a recent trip down to the mouth of the sea, we were a party of perhaps twenty – Ghanaians, Brits, Germans, Haitians, a couple of Dutchmen, someone from Switzerland and practically every combination in between. We swam, caught fish, ate and drank with gusto, swapped stories…and at the end of it, I was reminded yet again of how very much alike we all are, no matter where we’re from, and that the things we have in common are so much greater than the things that keep us apart. Top day, top people…and, er, top (if small) fish!

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