A Private Affair – Synopsis

Sam Morland has it all – looks, a glittering career, two homes, a sports car and more money than she can reasonably spend. She’s single but doesn’t spend her days worrying about the fact – she’s too busy living life and loving it to worry about finding Mr Right. He’ll come along one day…and in the meantime, there’s plenty else to do. Abby Barclay is married – the perfect army wife, she comes from a long line of army wives and like her mother and grandmother before her, is accustomed to putting her husband’s career before everything else. Meaghan Astor is also an army wife, but from a very different background. A tough survivor from the Australian Outback, she takes a chance on a handsome young army officer and follows him half-way round the world to escape the farm where she grew up and the father whom she’d rather never see again. Dani Tsemo is also a survivor: beautiful, young, vulnerable, she grew up in war-torn Sierra Leone where conmen, soldiers and mercenaries hang out in the beachside bars, looking for girls just like her. But Dani’s different…

Four women; four very different stories; four sets of dreams…and one man who will wreck them all.

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