Saffron Skies – Locations

Saffron Skies, like Sundowners, is partly set in Africa. This time, it’s the beautiful country of Mali, where journalist Amber Sall meets Tendé Ndiaye, an up-and-coming young politician. Vast, landlocked, full of culture and history, Mali is perhaps best known to Western readers for the fabled city of Timbuctoo. When Amber’s father, the wealthy industrialist Max Sall, asks her to visit Mali and write about a project he’s thinking of setting up, her world is turned literally upside down. Click here to catch a glimpse of fascinating Mali and some of the locations featured in Saffron Skies.

  • New York, USA

    New YorkJust about everything that can be said about the legendary New York City, already has. One of the world’s truly great cities, it is home to almost 9 million people and 170 different languages. Sold to the English by the Dutch in 1664 (supposedly for a handful of glass beads), the city that is known as the ‘Big Apple’ or ‘the city that never sleeps’, still works its magic on everyone who visits or stays. Max Sall has an apartment on the Upper East Side, the elegant-but-discreet address for the seriously wealthy and it’s here that Amber comes after finishing her English degree in London.


    MaliSaffron Skies, like Sundowners, is partly set in Africa. This time, it’s Mali, the seventh-largest country in Africa, an enormous, hauntingly beautiful country that stretches from the Sahara in the north to the rocky escarpment of the Dogon in the south. A former French colony, it was also home to several of West Africa’s most famous empires over the past five hundred years and its most famous city, Timbuctoo, was for centuries one of the world’s most important centres of learning. Max Sall, the wealthy financier at the heart of Saffron Skies, sends his journalist daughter Amber to Mali to find out morel…

  • Belgrade, SERBIA

    BelgradeThe Ottomans called Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, Dar Ul-Jihad, the ‘house of war’ – and sadly, war has been part of its history for the past few centuries. It is the fourth-largest city in Southeastern Europe and its rich culture, architecture and diverse peoples reflect its complex history and importance. Today, Belgrade is Serbia’s most vibrant city and in the early 90s when Madeleine, one of the central characters in Saffron Skies arrives, she is surprised by how normal everything is…


    MenorcaThe glamorous island resort of Menorca is the setting for the romance between Tendé and Amber, two of the lead characters in Saffron Skies. With its luxury villas, beautiful landscapes and sandy, sunny beaches, it’s the perfect place for the two of them to get to know one another. Amber’s father, Max, owns a sprawling, elegant home on top of a hill overlooking a small, secluded cove…

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