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Writing about different countries and cultures is one of the most interesting and exciting parts of my ‘job’ – I love writing about places I know intimately (Accra, London, Chicago, LA) and places I don’t know quite so well (Port-au-Prince, Freetown, Maputo, Kuala Lumpur). I get lots of fan mail from around the world and the one thing most readers seem to agree on is the pleasure they get from reading about places they’ve never been to – reading as a way of travelling – and it’s carbon-free, too! I’ve picked out a few of my favourite locations from the novels – if you’ve been to any of them and would like to share your photos with me and other readers, do send them in!

Visit locations from Little White Lies

Start in the sweltering heat of tropical West Africa, move backwards in time to Hamburg in the 1930s, just before the outbreak of World War II. Then, we’re off to Caracas in the 1950s and Moscow in the 60s . . . now you’ll have a little taste of what’s in store! Three girls, three families, three dynasties, three destinies . . . but someone’s not telling the truth.

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Visit locations from An Absolute Deception

Start in the dry, desert-like country of Namibia, throw in Berlin in the 1950s, London in the Swinging Sixties with a good dose of the glamorous Caribbean, the fashion capitals of the world – Paris, New York and Milan…and you’ve got a taste of An Absolute Deception!

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Visit locations from A Private Affair

brisbaneFrom a small town in the Australian outback; from Camden and the Home Counties of England to Freetown, Sierra Leone in the dying days of the civil war, four women are brought together who would ordinarily never meet. One man holds them all together – and the same man blows everything apart.

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Visit locations from One Secret Summer

viennaIn the perfect family, there’s a thin line between love and hate, especially when there’s so much to hide. The Keelers are one of those families that seem to have everything – a beautiful London home, a villa in the South of France, money, wealth and privilege. But when Josh Keeler, the youngest of the Keeler boys, brings home a young Somalian refugee and introduces her as his wife, he sets off a chain of events that takes the reader from Islington to Morocco via a small, picture-perfect village on the outskirts of Cannes where everything began.

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Visit locations from Rich Girl, Poor Girl

Los AngelesRich Girl, Poor Girl begins in the gritty East End of London, winding its way through Zimbabwe, the beautiful beaches of Cape Town and the gentle charm of English countryside. Three girls from three very different backgrounds meet at school in London and form a friendship that should last a lifetime – until someone else arrives on the scene, bent on revenge.

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Visit locations from Bitter Chocolate

chicagoBitter Chocolate begins in Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, where the St Lazâre family have lived for almost three generations. Laure St Lazâre grows up in Pétionville, the richest suburb of Port-au-Prince, high above the sprawling city but the St Lazâre family are no longer rich and their fortunes have long since disappeared. The family home is a little like Haiti itself, ‘doomed, despairing…and yet beautiful still.’

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Visit locations from Saffron Skies

New YorkSaffron Skies, like Sundowners, is partly set in Africa. This time, it’s the beautiful country of Mali, where journalist Amber Sall meets Tendé Ndiaye, an up-and-coming young politician. Vast, landlocked, full of culture and history, Mali is perhaps best known to Western readers for the fabled city of Timbuctoo.

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Visit locations from Sundowners

Kuala LumparSundowners takes you on a whirlwind journey across the globe, from L.A. in the 80s to Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town, London and New York… and a small town in Worcestershire where the novel begins.

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