What I’m Reading Right Now

Last year (don’t you just love saying that?), I made the comment, ‘people often ask me what living in Accra is like’ and whilst lots of people do ask me that, the other question I always get is, ‘so, what’re you reading right now?’ What’s strange is that whilst I read a lot (and I mean, a lot), my mind always goes blank when I’m trying to list the books that are either beside my bed, next to the loo, on the dining room table, on my desk, next to the sofa, etc. (as you can tell, there are books all over my flat). So I thought I’d make a little record this month of what’s actually on the list . . . so here it is. In no particular order (of enjoyment or completion):-

Next to my bed:-

  • Ann Patchett State of Wonder (sublime)
  • Lola Shoneyin The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives (laugh-out-loud)
  • Robert Fisk The Age of the Warrior (taxing)
  • Alice Munro Dear Life (a delight)
  • A.N. Wilson The Potter’s Hand (charming)
  • Alex Crawford Colonel Gaddafi’s Hat (irritating)

On my sideboard:-

  • Matthew Parker The Sugar Barons (fascinating)
  • Rupert Everett Vanished Years (delicious)
  • Ian McEwan Sweet Tooth (so-so)

On my desk:-

  • Hugh Miles Al-Jazeera (insightful)
  • Tara Hyland Angels (entertaining)
  • Andre Makine Human Love (achingly good)

And on my shelves:-

Lots more to choose from . . . phew!

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