What’s in a Cover

I’ve been rather slack of late (excuse: finishing up the last novel, out in Spring next year) so I’ve neglected June’s diary but I’m back in the swing of things now and just thought I’d share some of the joy (and pain) of choosing a cover with you. So many of you write in with comments (good and bad!) about my book covers and we’re trying a slightly different approach, so I’d be fascinated to hear what you think. You can write to me, as ever, via the website, or, as most of you do these days, via my Facebook page. So here are four rather different samples – what d’you think?


Cover # 1: The hardback cover of Little White Lies, already out.


Cover # 2: The proposed paperback cover, Option 1.


Cover # 3: The proposed paperback cover, Option 3.


Cover # 4: The proposed paperback cover, Option 4 – my favourite, and the one we’re going with, I think.

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